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Surrounding tourism

  • Lake Toya is full of highlights around Lake Toya!

    • Lake Taya Ranch

      Full horse trekking viewing Lake Toya Beginner OK with a comprehensive horse, with a course with support for children and enjoyable at the spectacular mountain course. In case
    • Toyako Onsen Street

      Toyako Onsen town has hot water and foot bath everywhere.
      We recommend walking around the hot springs and foot baths while walking.
    • Touya lake surrounding sculpture park

      Lake Toya Town and Sobetsu Town, which are constructed to surround Lake Toya, are "an outdoor sculpture park where people interact with nature", with a total of 58 on the lake side. .
    • Ukimido Park

      The honjyo of Prince Shotoku is enshrined in Ukimido.
    • Mt Usu volcano memorial park

      In the west of a spa town, a lawn square close to Jingo small island, greets sculptures of Lion welcomes visitors.
    • Volcano Science Center

      We introduce the volcanic activity of Mt Usu, which has repeatedly erupted, with images, commentaries, sensory devices and others.