Enjoy a heart-welcoming stay overlooking Lake Toya.

【Official】Toya Onsen Hotel Hanabi

Guide to Toya Onsen Hotel Hanabi

  • Toya Onsen Hotel Hanabi opened in December 2016 and is now in its fourth year.

    Standing Shore of Lake Toya Lake Toya, you can enjoy Shore of Lake Toya from various places in the hotel.

    Please enjoy the buffet with plenty of hot springs and regional ingredients.

    Check in / 14:00
        (Final check-in: 23: 00)

    Check out / 10:00

    Total number of rooms / 76 rooms

    Facilities in the facility / restaurant·Large Communal Bath·Open Air Bath
           shop·vending machine

    Parking lot / Free (No reservation required)

Information on Toyako Onsen Illumination Tunnel

  • The illumination tunnel will light up again this year! 5 minutes on foot from the hotel

    Date and time from Friday, November 1, 2019 to April 27, 2020(Monday)

    Venue Toyako Onsen bustling open space

    About 400,000 light bulbs shine on the bustling square in the center of Toyako Onsen Town. Lighting time: From 18:00 to 22:00

Information on the 2020 Toyako Long Run Fireworks Festival

  • The 39th Toyako Long Run Fireworks Festival Tuesday, April 28, 2020-10/31(Saturday)

    Every night from 8:45 to 20 minutes,

    Lake Toya will soar in the sky of Lake Toya.

    With fireworks that will give you while moving

    Toyako Onsen Town anywhere in Toyako Onsen Town

    You can enjoy watching it.

    (However, it will be canceled in case of stormy weather)

One day hot spring

  • One day special course (Bathing + dinner buffet + room)

    After bathing, relax in your room and dine in the hotel buffet for a delicious dinner.
    We offer a set of yukata and towels for day-trip special course customers.
    Toyako Long Run Fireworks Festival, you can spend in your room until the fireworks are over.


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Hotel Name

Toya Onsen Hotel Hanabi


6 Toyako Onsen, Toyako Town, Abuta County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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20 minutes by bus from JR Toya Station, 15 minutes by car from Abuta Toyako IC on Do-o Expressway
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Surrounding tourism

  • Lake Toya is full of highlights around Lake Toya!

    Lake Toya Ranch

    Full horse trekking overlooking Lake Toya Toyaka beginner OK with a moderate horse,
    There is a course with support with children and you can enjoy it with a superb view and a mountain course. In case


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